New Buildings

Building the project from the ground up is a huge and financially demanding process, in which every mistake can cost dearly. That is why it is extremely important to choose a reliable contractor, whose references are a guarantee of professionalism and the quality level.

We offer high quality residential and other building construction work, from initial preparation works to finishing works and finalization of these with respect to time limit.

Leave the complete care about raising your new home, tourist or business premises to our company. From foundations to the roof!


Renovation, adaptation and repair of existing buildings – apartments, houses and business spaces using quality materials and extensive experience in repairs and quality execution.


Our company is providing the services of overall construction and decoration of buildings, including the interior works, from raw works to the final details.

With San Gradnja you get quality whether it is the interior of apartments, houses or commercial buildings.


We make thermal and hydro insulation works using high quality materials and modern techniques.

Energy optimization of buildings and interesting aesthetic solutions


Swimming pools and exteriors

Our offer includes swimming pool excavation, reinforced concrete swimming pool shell, swimming pool equipment installation and landscaping and yard design (courtyards, driveways, walls, paving,...).



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